here’s what i do.


creative concepts, budgeting, and crew hiring. the genesis of the idea, and how to get it done. my strongest suit.


crew management, vendor relations, and overseeing the production. let’s make something meaningful, without wasting time or money.


editorial, motion design, color, and sound. working with the best vendors to get your project out the door, and delivered on time.

let’s break it down.

maybe rome was built in a day, who really knows.

1. Creative

let’s figure out how we can work together, what’s needed to get the job done, and how we can make an amazing end product.

2. Pre Production

 don’t sweat the small stuff, that’s my job. i can make it all happen with the best team possible. leave the heavy lifting to us.

3. Production

 with the most cutting-edge tools in our hands we can make what seems impossible reality. it’s not magic, it just feels that way.

4. Delivery

 working with the best editors, designers, colorists, and sound engineers, we’ll have a final product that shines, and exceeds expectations.

take a look, see.

not smoke and mirrors, real content, really me.

let’s chat.

reach out, grab your phone, give me a call

i don’t bite. feel free to send me an email, shoot me a text, or even give me a ring. if i don’t pick up, i’m probably on a shoot, but i’ll get back to you shortly.

  • brookyln, ny


  • 347.688.8158